How To Find A Pharmacy

008 Finding a PharmacyIf you are the type who constantly buys medications, may it be because you are, or your relative or friend is, diagnosed with something and you need constant medications or you just wanted to ensure that the drugs you buy are safe, it would be helpful to find the pharmacy that could give you what you need. Finding a pharmacy that could ensure you a quality and medications that are in best conditions could be an easy task. You just need to find some trusted names or ask your friends about pharmacies they trust.

If you are on constant medication, and your trusted pharmacy is miles away from you, then you must buy a lot so that you will not run out of your medications. Therefore, it is important to consider the pharmacy’s availability. “Availability” pertains to the pharmacy’s location and store hours. Location is important such that when you are sick, you do not need to travel miles just to get medications. Also, you need a pharmacy that is open at least from, let us say, 8am to 7pm and has a constant schedule.

You might also want to choose a pharmacy that is covered by your insurance, if you have one. More often than not, insurance plans change, so choose a pharmacy that accepts most insurance plans so that you will not have to worry about finding a new pharmacy if your plan changes.

It would also be very helpful and handy if your pharmacy gives out or lets you buy over the counter products such as Tylenol or Sudafed, or other medications that could cure or aid common, unexpected illnesses such as sore throat, colds, or cough.

You would also want your chosen pharmacy to have a good customer service. It would suck big time if you are already sick and not feeling well, and the person who is supposed to give you the cure to what you are currently feeling, adds up to the pain. Befriending that friendly pharmacist could be very helpful especially if you have questions with medications, finding right brand of medications, calling your insurance when there is trouble, etc.

Lastly, choose a pharmacy that has a large inventory or does not run out of stock. You would not want to hear the pharmacist tell you that the medication you are looking for is not available at the moment. They could order some for you, but it would take up at least two or three days before it arrives. This could just give you a headache on top of the painful condition you are currently in.

Have A Career As A Pharmacist Tech

What kind of job you want to fulfill when you finish your schooling? Do you want to be involved with drugs or medicines? There are actually two options that you can be if you want to be involved with medicines. You can either become a pharmacist or a pharmacist tech. Do not confuse these two because they are different. Pharmacist will always be higher. But then it is expensive to be a pharmacist and it takes four years before you can graduate. And it is not easy to become a pharmacist not unless you passion and enjoying the course. But if not, I would say that you could be a pharmacist tech instead. Now, how can you have a career as a pharmacist tech? Here are the things that you need to do.

143 Pharmacist techFulfill An Educational Requirement

Your first requirement and qualification is you need to fulfill an educational requirement. You need to study and finish the course for you to be qualified. But of course before you can study as pharmacist technician, you need to have a diploma in high school. While you are in school, you will be studying everything that is related to your job and also about drugs. There are somany schools who offer this course. You can even ask schools and universities in your area if they have this course.


Be Certified

After graduating or fulfilling the educational requirement, you have just started. It’s not done yet. You still need to get yourself certified. Graduating is not enough for you to be qualified as a pharmacist technician. Getting certified will be the next step. Getting certification will signify that you truly understand your role as pharmacist. It will also give you authority and power to practice in that field. For you to be certified you need to pass the certification test or the board exam. You may want to take a review before you get the exam. To be certified is not easy but it will be worth it once you passed it.


Land A Job In A Pharmacy

Lastly, after you get certified, you can now start looking for a job as a pharmacist tech. you can start with people that you know for training then you can expand your options.

Finding a job as pharmacist tech may not be easy because you are not the only one who wants to have that job. So, you need to meet with the competition.

Information You Should Know About Pharmacy Discount Cards

180 Pharmacy DiscountsPharmacy discount cards or prescription drug cards are intended to help patients obtain their prescription drugs more affordably. You can use this by presenting it to selected pharmacies to reduce the price of your medication. If you want to obtain one, there are few things that you should know about it.

First, you have to know if you really need to have one. You have to understand how it works, where to obtain it, and if it can be truly helpful to you. You also have to consider the costs of obtaining the card since there are some cards that are free and there are those which are not. You also have to consider whether these cards are being accepted by pharmacies near to you. Lastly, you should be able to check if the discount card covers the prescription drug that you really need.

There is no any restriction in using a discount card, thus, everyone can use it. However, not everyone should get one because not all can save money by using one. How useful it would be to you, would depend on the rules for using it and the cost of the card.

There are cards that are available to anyone. However, these cards may require you to pay monthly or annually. There are restriction-free cards, but then they are more expensive. Nonetheless, they will still make you have low purchases for the drugs. These cards are usually offered by companies that negotiate with pharmacies for lower pricing.

There are some cards that are free or have low fees. These have, however, eligibility restrictions, may it be on income or age. It is usually offered by the government. Some organizations sometimes offer cards to their members. These are organizations that requires membership, thus you have to be a member to obtain one. These cards do not provide free prescription drugs, but you will be able to get discounts.

Store affinity cards are also available to anyone who would meet their requirements. They are those pharmacies who would require a certain amount of purchase from them for you to have their discount cards. Drug manufacturers also often give out discount cards to those people who are not covered by prescription plans though their insurance.

Aside from the cards mentioned, there are also mobile applications like Pharmacy Discounts which could give you discounts on prescription drugs that are not covered by insurance. You can use the application to locate the pharmacies that offer discounts and how much discounts you can get.

What It is Like To Be Behind The Counter

The field of medicine is such a promising arena where one can fulfill his or her dreams of serving the people. Doctors cure patients, nurses aid for the recovery of patients, and caregivers take good care of these patients. How about pharmacists, how do they serve the people in terms of health care?

146 Working at a PharmacyBarging inside a pharmacy, what one sees are pharmacists behind the counters merely handing you the medicines listed on your prescriptions. But as times passed, the roles of pharmacists have been given premium to more than just being the ones behind counters. Pharmacists are now highly recognized as experts in the field of medicine. Pharmacists are endowed with the responsibility to promote health awareness to people in the community. They take on a greater sense of responsibility in fulfilling their oath of assuring optimal drug therapy outcomes for their customers.

Pharmacists are the very ones with direct contact to the patients or the users. As we are all aware, there are medicines which are prescribed by doctors and those which are over-the counter. Those purchasing over-the-counter medicines may be people who just heard of the effects of these medicines from word-of-mouth. It is still very important for pharmacists to serve as health professionals who can advise people of the medicine they are buying for consumption or any health-related issues and concern. They are qualified to give advices on minor ailments such as colds.  Anyone can walk in a pharmacy and seek for advice.

In the US, there are a lot of opportunities for those who would like to take in the profession of pharmacy. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are made available for those who would want to practice the profession. Working at a pharmacy in the US is an excellent job opportunity. There is an excellent pay for those working at pharmacies.

Working at a pharmacy requires having a license. People’s lives are the ones at stake. Thus, we must entrust people’s lives to those who are qualified and capable of answering to people’s health issues and concern. Those people working at the pharmacy are no longer just middlemen of doctors and patients. They are not merely reading doctor’s prescription. Now, pharmacists can issue their own prescriptions to the patients. They are now considered as forerunners of patient care. They are not just labeled as ones “working at a pharmacy”. They are what we call pharmacists. They have a premium in their title- a premium of service to the people.

The Risk Of Buying Over The Counter Supplements

068 Over the Counter SupplementsWhen it comes to our health, there are so many ways to be healthy and one of the contributing factors is the use of or taking health supplements. But the disadvantage of using health supplements is they don’t need to go through or they are not required to pass FDA approval. That’s why the only factors that we can depend on are the information that is provided by the manufactures regarding the products from ingredients, features and claims. That is why there is a danger or risk in buying over the counter supplements.

One of the factors that you must secure before buying over the counter supplements is the safety of the products. Also, it’s important that you know the possible side effects of the health supplements that you will use. With all the health supplements available in the market, this can create confusion to the buyers especially in choosing the best health supplements that would meet with their needs. So, be extra careful when buying over the counter supplements because you are putting your health at risk. So, my advice would be to see your doctor and ask for his/her advice regarding the health supplements that you are planning to buy. Since over the counter supplements are not FDA approved, there are risks that it can improve your health or it can worsen your health. Most especially if you are under any medication. The supplements can interact with your medication and it can cause complications that can cause to develop serious illness like affecting your organs, or can cause bleeding.

Avoid trusting your friends’ opinion just because the supplement works for them it doesn’t mean that it will work for you too. When we talk about our health, we need to always think twice and be sure before we make the right decision. This may not be an easy thing to do but it’s not that complicated as well. So, think and gather information before you buy over the counter supplements. Then, another tip that I will give is to read the label of the supplements and what it does. Knowing the factors of what you are taking into your body is a very important factor that every buyer should have. It’s hard to take something into your body and not knowing what it does. So, do your research and gather information as much as you can because that will be your basis when buying over the counter supplements.

Which Advice Would You Consider

063 Pharmacist vs. Dr AdviceWhen it comes to health problems, finding the correct source to seek the best advice is a problem that many individuals face. Although searching the internet is an easy way to find answers and information about the problems, but there are terminology that leaves many people in confusion as to the correct path to choose. Because of this concern, many people have thought to bring the issue or the question to their doctor or pharmacist. But, the question arises as to when it is more practical to seek pharmacist vs. Dr Advice. But the most common questions that is ask by most people when it comes to health is the use of health supplements like the HCG.

To answer this question, it’s important that you first understand the difference between these two professions. We all know that MD of Medical Doctor has spent years in school studying and specialize in this field like how to examine, diagnose, and treat diseases, conditions, syndromes, and etc. Within the MD profession, there are several specialties of study. What do we mean by this? This means that while MD studies how human body is suppose to function when healthy, certain areas of specialty study is being done to give more illumination to how human body functions while dealing with different diseases. Only doctors are authorized to do some testing in human body to find out what’s wrong or what’s causing the diseases. But of course, before you can totally practice this profession you need to be certified and licensed. While on the other hand, pharmacists are also healthcare professionals that will receive the prescription notes from the MD, and then fill the order. In this field, pharmacists focus or study more on chemical composition of drugs or prescriptions. They are there to study how the inactive and active ingredients will react with each other. They study how the drug would react to the disease. But, pharmacist is not allowed to prescribe medication to patients without the approval of the MD to sign off.

Now with pharmacist vs. Dr Advice, I would suggest that you go directly to your doctor. They would know better what’s going on in your body because they have specialized on that. Doctors have also studied pharmacist as part of their subjects because it’s necessary so they could give the right treatment and medication to their patients. So, for your weight loss concern, seek your doctor’s advice.

Pharmacy Tips: Starting Your Own Pharmacy Business

When it comes to business, one of the best businesses that you can do is having a pharmacy. Nowadays, many people are having interests to start a pharmacy business because of the potential profits that they can earn from it. Pharmacies may have the same goal but not all of them may have the same type of drugs to sell. There are pharmacies that only sell generic drugs and other pharmacies sells branded drugs. Medicines are one of the needs of people to keep their body healthy and also treat their health issues. Now if you want to start your own pharmacy business, here are my business pharmacy tips for you.


074 Pharmacy Tips



The very first thing that you need to look for is location. You need to know where to build your pharmacy building. Your location should be easy to find, accessible to the community, safe, and if possible find a location that is near the hospital.


Look For Supplier

Next, you need to look for a supplier, a supplier that will supply your stocks. Try to negotiate as many suppliers as you can so you can compare prices and choose the best deals.


Apply For Business Permits and Other Requirements

Of course since you will be running a business, you need to have a legal business. So, to make your business legal, you need to have business permits from your local government and also license to operate a business.


Know Your Target Market

Next, you also need to include in your business plan is you need to know your target market. Who is your target market? Your business will depend on your target market. Not all people can afford to buy branded drugs that’s there are generics for those are who are looking for cheaper drugs that have same effects as the branded.


Study The Prices Of Your Products

Another factor is the price of your drugs. Of course since this is a business you need to have a profit so you could also earn from it. There is no rule on how much mark-up you want to put on your price but you also need to consider the needs of your target market. Make sure that they can afford the price so you can easily sell your drugs.


Hire An Expert Pharmacist

To help you segregate and manage your pharmacy business, you can hire a license or certified pharmacist since they specialize in that field.

For more information about pharmacy tips, you can always do your research and gather other information that were not included in this page.

Simple Tips In Becoming A Pharmacist

The job of a pharmacist is to help patients with their medical prescriptions and advise them on how to use these medicines properly. This is one of the most in demand jobs nowadays and the compensation for this job is continuously increasing. This is the reason why lots of people today are becoming pharmacists and if you are one of those aspiring pharmacists, then here are some tips on how to become one.

067 Finding a PharmacyFirst of all, you need to finish and graduate from your basic education. Do well in high school, most especially in your science subjects like biology, physics, and chemistry because you can really make use of it later on. Second, you need to have a bachelor’s degree. If you want to go to pharmacy school you must first finish pre-pharmacy and that would be at least two years. In these two years, you will be taking up advanced courses like anatomy, biology, chemistry, physics, sociology, and many more. Third, take a Pharmacy College Admission Test. Your task now is finding a pharmacy school which you are very much comfortable with. Remember that not all schools have the same teaching methods and curriculum so try to do a little bit of research. This is one of the most crucial parts because the kind of school that you will enroll in will greatly influence the kind of pharmacist you are going to be. Fourth, after you have chosen a school, your job now is to finish it and obtain a doctorate degree in pharmacy. Do your best in learning from your mentors and professors because you will need it if you are going to experience real life situations. Lastly, you need to have a license. You cannot just handle prescriptions and work in hospitals if you are not licensed because it is against the law. Plus, it is needed so that establishments will now if you are indeed credible because your license will somehow serve as proof that you have studied and work hard for your profession. So now, look for the requirements in taking the licensure exam and study hard for it.

Indeed, becoming a pharmacist is one of the most lucrative careers along with other medical professions. But always put in mind that you will be facing lots of challenges along the way, so it is best that you are really passionate about this. Your passion will be your drive and motivation in achieving your goal.

Become A Certified Pharmacist Tech

112 Pharmacist techOne of the jobs that are on demand these days is the pharmacist tech. Why do you think it is worth taking? One of the reasons is it’s a decent job that pays good amount of money. Your job is not that difficult because your job is to assist the pharmacist with prescribing medication, instructing patients how to use medical devices, talking to patients regarding their medications, they can also perform administrative duties like reviewing prescription request with doctor’s offices and insurance companies to ensure correct medication are provided and payment is received. But how you can become a certified pharmacist tech? Here are the things that you need to do.


Get A Training

First you need to get a training course. You need to enroll in a school or universities that offer this kind of training. There will discuss and talk everything about pharmacist tech, principles about your job, and most of all about drugs since you will be dealing with drugs most of the times. You will be trained with the job that you will do in the future.


Pass Certification Test

After finishing the training, for you to be certified, you need to pass the certification tests. Passing the certification will give you the opportunity to be licensed. Your license will make you eligible and qualified for the job. This means that you have the capability and competent to do the job. But of course you also need time to prepare because you will be spending money for processing and other fees. You will be wasting all the money, time and effort that you have invested if you don’t pass the exam. That’s why you need to focus and study very hard to be sure that you pass the exam.


Look For Improvement

Once you are already certified, it doesn’t end there. Always look for improvement about yourself. Try to learn something new. Learn from the experience of others. Learning things in theories is different from learning it on actual experience, because you might encounter situations that were not written in the book. That’s why try to learn from every experience you will have as pharmacist tech. Try to improve your skills and enhance your knowledge about your job that will give you an advantage in the future.

Now these are the things that should be done if you want to be a certified pharmacist tech.

How To Become A Pharmacist Tech

001 Pharmacist techHave you ever thought of what type of job you want to have in the future? What kind of profession would you like to be a source of your income? There are different courses that we can choose from that could help us become what we want to be in the future. We will be the one who will be making the decisions and that decision hopefully should be aligned to your passion, and of course, we all want a good paying job so we could support our needs in life. Now, if you haven’t thought of anything yet, I would want you to consider researching about pharmacist technician. Try to k now the job and how much it makes. But let me give you a little background about this job.

Your role as a pharmacist tech is simply to assist pharmacists in preparing and selling prescription medicine. Because of them, pharmacists can now focus on their supervisory duties and improve their responsibilities to their patients while pharmacist technician handle all routine work. For that reason, the demand for this kind of job is high. The good thing about this job is they can work at different places like in the hospital, drug stores, grocery, retail chain, and other establishments that sell drug prescription. Base on survey, because of this, the pharmacist tech career will increase in the next few years. Now, if you want to be a pharmacist tech in the future, there are things that you need to do.


Take A Pharmacist Tech Course

Before you can become a pharmacist tech, consider taking a course that is related to that job. There schools, universities, and training centers that offers this kind of course. You need to finish the course to be qualified with the job. You need to get your certificate that you have finished the course. You will not become a certified pharmacist technician if haven’t finish the course.


Get A Training

After taking the course, try to consider getting training. There you will be trained with the exact skills you need to be employed by the company with which you train. And take note that the training program that you will take is designed to prepare you for the PTCB exam. PTCB certification will be necessary if you want to seek employment with another pharmacy.

You need to get those two qualifications above to be a certified pharmacist tech. And high school diploma will be a qualification for this course.

Taking Your Pharmacy Board Exam

Before you will get certified in the course that you have taken, you will be required to take a board exam. A board exam could be both local and international depending on the type of course you have like nursing. But if you are taking pharmacy course, you will be required to get a board exam for you to get licensed. But taking board exam is one of the most challenging parts because this is where your license depends. Some people can pass it on one try but other may take it several times before they could actually pass. So, if you want to be sure that you will pass your pharmacy board exam, here the things that you need to do.

073 PharmacyReview

Of course, it’s already given that you won’t be able to remember everything that you have learned and discussed in many years of taking the course. You might remember some of the basic and important procedures but not everything that’s why you need to do a review. There are different types of school for review where you can enroll and do a proper review. In this review centers, you will be taught of different techniques on how to correctly answer the questions in your exams. You will also discuss the most common questions being asked in the exam. You will have drills, quizzes, tests, and other activities that will train your brain.


Physical & Mental Preparation

During your review and before you exam, aside from reviewing, you also need to prepare your physical and mental aspect. Reviewing could be very stressful and lot of pressures. If you are physically and mentally prepared you might give up. That’s why you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically like for example with your physical aspect, you need to have enough rest especially with your sleep. You need to rest your mind from all the stressful lectures and memorization and analyzing. For your mental aspect, when your mind is already tired, take a rest. Try to do something that promotes relaxation like doing your favorite hobby on weekends.



This is one of the most important factors that most reviewers forget to do. Before your exam you need to relax as much as possible even though the tension and the pressure of the upcoming exam is there. If your will not relax, there might be tendency that you will have mental block and that will be the last thing that you want to happen.

Important Considerations When Taking Over The Counter Supplements

Many people take over the counter supplements to help ensure that they are getting all the essential vitamins and minerals that they need for good health. After all, without the necessary building blocks of good nutrition, it is impossible for our bodies to function properly. Additionally, taking supplements can be an excellent way to ensure good nutrition, especially for children who are picky eaters or for adults who are worried about their vitamin intake. Today, many of the foods we eat no longer have the same nutritional value that they once had. This means that it can be harder than ever to meet the minimum daily requirement of essential vitamins and minerals.

If you are considering taking any type of supplements, it is important that you fully understand what you are taking and how it can interact with other medications and supplements. It is also extremely important that you not exceed the recommended dosage. Additionally, be sure to talk with your doctor about any supplements you take, even over the counter vitamins. These supplements can have an adverse reaction with some prescription medications and not all supplements are a good option for individuals with certain health conditions.

For the most part, taking supplements can be a great way to ensure that you have all of the necessary nutrients needed for good health. This can be especially important when you are battling certain health problems, struggling with depression or stress, and even for people who are engaged in strenuous physical activity. After all, if you are a serious athlete or even a weekend enthusiast, the amount of vitamins needed to supply your body with the basic components of good health can far exceed what you take in on a daily basis. This can be especially true if you are trying to watch your weight and are eating a low calorie diet.

Advice From A Pharmacist Vs. A Dr

Finding the correct source to seek advice from is a problem that many individuals face, especially when looking for health advice. While searching the internet is often the most accessible source of information, much of the terminology leaves many people still confused as to the correct path to choose. This is why many will choose to either bring their questions to their doctor or pharmacist. However, the question arises as to when it is more prudent to seek pharmacist vs. Dr advice.  One of the most popular questions looming, is regarding the hCG drops diet, as has been popularized by Dr. Oz recently.

To answer this question, one most first understand the difference between these two professions. An MD, or Doctor of Medicine, has spent years is school studying how to examine, diagnose, and treat diseases, conditions, syndromes, etc. Within the MD profession there are several different specialties of study. This means while all MD have study how a human body is supposed to function when healthy, certain areas of specialty study will give more illumination to how a human body functions while dealing with specific diseases. The treatment aspect of an MD’s profession requires that the individual understand how prescription medication will aid the patient in the recovery process. Therefore, a MD has the requirements needed to be able to prescribe medication to his or her patients without having a superior approve the decision.

Pharmacists are the healthcare professionals that will receive the prescription notes from the MD, and then fill the order. The schooling for a pharmacist focuses more on the chemical composition of these prescriptions. In other words, how the inactive ingredients and active ingredients will react with each other. In addition to this area of study, the pharmacist studies the interactions of multiple different drugs when taken together. However, pharmacists are not allowed to prescribe medication to patients without the approval of an MD to sign off.

Therefore, when concern about a possible condition to one’s health, it is best to seek the advice of a doctor. However, if a person is concerned about whether his or her different medications and/or supplements could have negative interactions with each other, then it might be prudent to seek out the advice of a pharmacist.

Jobs Involved With Working At A Pharmacy

There are commonly two types of jobs involved with working at a pharmacy; a certified pharmacist and a pharmacy technician.  It is important to understand the differences between these jobs and what is involved in this career area. Here is a closer look into the responsibilities and earnings for these professions and what it is like to work in a pharmacy.

Work in a pharmacy usually requires a person to be on standing a lot.  A pharmacy technician commonly answers the telephone and will great customers upon entering the pharmacy.  They collect relevant information and record data.  A pharmacist will inform patients about a certain drug’s side effects or complications that may occur when mixed with other medications.  Only a  pharmacist can answer customer questions regarding medicine.

A pharmacist is the only person who can fill a new prescription.  A technician can handle future refills.  Only a pharmacist can receive a prescription from the telephone.  A technician counts the pills and fills prescriptions, but the pharmacist verifies that all is correct before it lands in the hands of the customer.

A technician does not require as much education as a certified pharmacist.  Both careers are growing at a rapid rate.  A pharmacist who is employed by a retail chain pharmacy may receive approximately $80,00 to $114,000 per year in salary.  A technician will only make a fraction of this amount up to $30,000.  Most technicians work at an hourly rate, not salary.

Work at a pharmacy is usually fast paced.  There is always something to be done, whether it be stock shelves, receive and fill prescriptions, record customer information, and answer all questions that arise.  It is necessary to be able to deal with people in a calm  and friendly manner at all times.  These careers are growing at a rapid rate, so it is filled with good future career opportunities.

Pharmacy Discounts And Savings

Many people need Pharmacy Discounts in order to afford their medications whether they are prescribed or over the counter.  Fortunately, there are many sources where you can find discounts in order to get the savings you need on all kinds of medications.  However, the kinds of discounts you receive can vary according to not only the outlet where you get your medication but also according to the specific discount program.

For instance, you may be familiar with discount cards.  When you have a discount card for prescription medications, you will probably get discounts from a number of major retailers as well as local pharmacies.  Since these are not insurance cards, you do not have to fulfill any medical requirements in order to qualify for these cards.  The companies that offer these cards receive money from the pharmaceutical companies when you use the card, so they are able to offer discounts on your prescriptions.

Cards are not the only ways you can get Pharmacy Discounts on your prescriptions.  There are also a number of online outlets that will offer prescription medications at a discount price.  For these discounts, you may or may not have to join a program.  Sometimes you can simply get your prescriptions directly from these companies so that you pay less for them.  However, it is important that you check the terms and conditions for these outlets.

Joining an organization like AARP can also get you Pharmacy Discounts for your prescriptions.  In this case, you are getting a perk for being a member of an organization.  However, you can also look to some of the major pharmaceutical retailers to see if they have customer loyalty programs that gets you access to discounts on your prescriptions.  These usually do not have any upfront costs and may offer rewards for frequent customers.